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Before you read any further, we have a question for you..

Q, Is this your first visit to the GroupOf1? 

Did you know that it’s no accident that you are here right now reading this paragraph ..  AND there’s no such thing as coincidences either in case you were thinking coincidences had anything to do with it. You arrived here at exactly the right time for You… Annnndd … You Created The GroupOf1 Because We Are All ONE!! There Is Only One Of Us!! It’s All YOU!!  HaHa!! How Amazing Is That?? …. How do you feel about that?  … Do You Believe That??  Yes? No? I don’t know …. However you answer is the right belief for you right now in this present moment!! (This may Change, unless it won’t ) We would really love to hear what you think about this paragraph, so please care to share in our comments section below, thank you. 🙂

We’re hearing some of you very loudly think that you want to know… “Who Are You GroupOf1? Apart From Being A Bunch of Completely Crazy Nutterz, Who Are You Really?”

Well really aka in Ultimate Reality where nothing exists, We Really Are All You but from the illusion of Separation Perspective where everything & nothing coexists… We  Are also Who You Are Not.

Here’s a little bit about more on how you’ve assisted in creating the GroupOf1 into being..

Katy West from Bristol in England, UK created the GroupOf1 platform back in 2008. Why? In 2006 Katy came up with a spiritual theory of her own about who & what she believed God/Universe to be, it’s relevance to zero point, the theory of nothing/everything and it’s relevance in helping bring about World Peace. It was the perfect platform for Katy to store her research with regards to healing herself through mind over matter plus a fantastic platform she used to teach herself to write by sharing her truth about her experiences about who she was, living oneness & loving herself & others unconditional love.

Click on the video below to watch how Katy presented her theory with a 5 minute presentation, consisting of 8 years worth of research along with 22 slides. This was filmed back in 2013. 

Katy stands firm in supporting the quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. 

The original idea for the GroupOf1 platform was discussed by Robert Yarr, Katy West, William Erskine R.I.P, Sandy Donaghy (Author) & Graham Rogers in the smoking temple at a Conversation With God reunion weekend in Osho Leela House, Dorset – Aug 2009.

The GroupOf1 platform was initially born in 2008 on Meetup.com. It was originally called Conversations With God Meetup Group which was created for like minded people to meetup, share & discuss the messages in the Conversation With God books written by Neale Donald Walsch.

In the very early days, many of the early pioneers of the New Science & Spirituality were just beginning to be recognised for their leading edge work in helping to bridge the gap, such as Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Dr Emoto, Hugh Gilbert, Harold.W.Becker to name only a few. Some of these early pioneers and others not mentioned here, were also members of the GroupOf1 when the site had a membership forum platform.

As the years progressed, the site moved from Meetup to Ning while transitioning through & embracing it’s own evolutionary changes. 

In 2011 the GroupOf1 began working in practical collaboration with The Love Foundation “Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally” & in 2015 Katy became the UK Co-ordinator for The Love Foundation.

In 2014 shortly after the above youtube clip was recorded, the GroupOf1 Ning Platform & forum, along with all of Katy’s research was lost due to lack of financial support to keep the site going, so the GroupOf1 reverted back to the Meetup.com platform because it was cheaper, later moving here onto WordPress because it’s free. 

So for the past few years the GroupOf1 has just been laying dormant, just being rather than doing, just sharing the occasional photo or article or two when it felt right..

UNTIL NOW ! We Have NEW News!!  Woohooooo!!

The GroupOf1 is Very Pleased to Announce That It Has Shifted into the Next Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision That It’s Ever held about Itself so it may Express and fulfil the full experience of knowing it’s true Self…!

It Is Official .. As of Friday Nov 2nd 2018 The GroupOf1 Now Works in  Practical Collaboration With BeCollaboration!  Click Here to Find Out More – Join the Platform.

More info here too.

We Are Really Excited About This New News … Because.. 

“Goodbye  Competition … Helloooooo Collaboration!!”

We Believe Collaboration Is The Way Forward For Humanity


`*.¸.*.♥.✿´´¯`•.¸⁀°♡ THANK YOU to Every One For Your Support ♥ Long May We Continue  ♡   
Unconditional Love & Peace



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