Significant & Relevant

Wow! Scott & I just experienced something truly beautiful, the perfect end to the perfect day. (: No not that, get your mind out the gutter right now! Lol 🙂 Last night after watching The Limitation Game, we decided today we would have a big clearout of Scott's old clothes. Now for those who know … Continue reading Significant & Relevant


Day 4 Cycling – Riding Blue Derby

Reminder of Day One: Day 4: I love going with the flow of the day. We had nothing planned so we decided to just follow our feelings. A good song with a good beat came on the radio this morning, so I danced in the lounge for about 20 minutes, then Scott & I … Continue reading Day 4 Cycling – Riding Blue Derby

What Katy Did Next!

Welcome to Katy's 1st video blog. In this video Katy, the creator of the while on holiday in Tasmania Australia, has chosen to ride to the top of Big Chook and back down again with our very own GroupOf1 fb administrator Scott Donohue.. Click this link to watch professional cyclists ride the exact same … Continue reading What Katy Did Next!


Quote Above "When you know love, your gratitude for life is boundless."- Written by Harold W. Becker  ~ Katy West GroupOf1 Creator - "Thank You Life for all my personal experiences you have shared with me to date & thank you for assisting me in helping me understand myself with more clarity. I'm doing the … Continue reading Gratitude