Harold W. Becker

Founder & President of The Love Foundation and Internal Insights.  HaroldWBecker

Author of Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being, and Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self Discovery, along with several other books. He received his MBA from the University of Tampa in 1988. Harold left the corporate world in 1990 to devote all of his time to understanding the nature of our potential and raising the awareness of humanity through his own consulting group, Internal Insights. He Founded The Love Foundation as a nonprofit in 2000. He continues to share his powerful understanding about life through books, consulting, speaking engagements, PBS television specials, workshops and living from his heart. Read more

John T. Goltz

Co Founder and Vice President of The Love Foundation and Internal Insights. 

JohnTGoltzA life-long quest for true spiritual understanding has made John insightful and loving with a strong desire to help humanity. His diverse background includes his B.A. in Biology from St. Olaf College – Northfield, MN, outside sales, purchasing and technology, producing a PBS television show, agent for Harold’s books and coordinating similar large projects. Along with being the Co-Founder of TLF’s vision and mission, John is Vice President of Internal Insights and authored a book of poetry entitled Angels, Love and Light.

Gary  Karp

Gary is a mindfulness coach, author and certified hypnotist. His first book Clarity is Power: The 5 Steps to Creating Empowering Goals that will Excite and Inspire You received very positive feedback and has 4.5 rating in Amazon. Read more  Gary Karp

Gary is also an Online Copy and Content Strategist. He support authors, coaches, and solopreneurs, he helps spread their message and grow their tribe online through Communication Marketing, allowing them a greater opportunity to share their products and services to empower others.

Gary asks “How may I support you?” Contact Gary today!

Hugh Gilbert R.I.P

Globally Recognised Leader in the Field of Physical Rehabilitation 36333915_10155968589246749_4147981918719180800_n

Hugh is a globally recognised leader in the field of physical rehabilitation. His groundbreaking and stunningly successful protocols Kinetic Chain Release (KCR), Postural Energetics (P.E.) and Connective Tissue Release (CTR) are now being practiced in USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, Mexico, Sweden, Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, India, Phillipines, Spain, Hawaii, and Argentina (for further info go to

Hugh avoids the much offered title of healer as he feels that adds an unnecessary air of mystery and exclusivity which is egotistic and unnecessary, as the real truth is that everyone is capable of achieving what he has done and much more, if they would only believe in that truth. He therefore provides practical reasons and methodologies showing us all that this is indeed true.

Hugh is a Physical Therapist, Consultant, Author, Lecturer, Researcher, Visionary, Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking specialising in conflict resolution, and a Qualified Instructor in Dr.Emoto’s work with the study of changing the consistency and vibration of water, known as Hado. Hugh has studied and followed the paths of the Native Americans, Celts and Hawaiians and is ever open to receiving more knowledge from these peoples. He became a student of the Knight Templar and is highly respected within that organisation. Find out more:

M.J. Robertson

Living the dream… TEAM LOVE travel around the world playing, surfing,writing, and loving life, hosting Fearless Love yoga & surf holidays in tropical destinations throughout the year. They also offer Fearless Love workshop packages and weekend getaways in the UK and internationally, tailored to your needs. “Love transforms wounds into superpowers.” – M.J. Robertson Read more

Hayley Gilson 39580480_673894109645421_6169405991658979328_n

Hayley is a Reiki Master, Angelic Practitioner, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empath & Holistic Event Organiser. Purple Hayz offers a unique healing Avenue for those whose soul may have become lost on the way, or those who simply need a pick-me-up, balance and guidance. Feel better with these Holistic treatments: Angel Card Readings; Reiki Wellbeing; Angelic Wellbeing; Hopi Ear Candling. Hayley also makes Jewellery.  Contact Hayley via her website.