ReBalance Yourself

Katy West, creator of the GroupOf1 loves people & community and enjoys assisting where she can. Katy enjoys many different jobs, as she says, “Variety is the spice of life”.

Katy works & lives at Radford Mill Farm, an organic farm in Timsbury, Somerset. She helps out part time with veg production, gardening, & event organisation. Off the farm, Katy is a Barber in the Seven Stars a local pub in Timsbury on Mondays, a Salsa Instructor at the Balance Lifestyle & Fitness gym on Thursdays, a Kinetic Chain  Release Practitioner & an Indian Head Massage Therapist at Holistic Fayres & Festivals.

Katy also offers general help in the garden, weeding etc to the elderly of Timsbury and being a lover of all things natural, Katy is a distributor for the  Forever Living Aloe Products.

For more information, please Visit her ReBalance Yourself Website

ReBalance Yourself – Restoring Balance Within the Mind Heart Body & Soul


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