ReBalance Yourself

Katy West, creator of the GroupOf1 loves people & community and enjoys assisting where she can. Katy enjoys many different jobs, as she says, “Variety is the spice of life”.

Katy works & lives at Radford Mill Farm, an organic farm in Timsbury, Somerset. She helps out part time with veg production, gardening, & event organisation. Off the farm, Katy is a Barber in the Seven Stars a local pub in Timsbury on Mondays, a Salsa Instructor at the Balance Lifestyle & Fitness gym on Thursdays, a Kinetic Chain  Release Practitioner (mobile) & an Indian Head Massage Therapist.

Katy also offers general help in the garden, weeding etc to the elderly of Timsbury and being a lover of all things natural, Katy is a distributor for the  Forever Living Aloe Products.

Much of Katy’s work unless otherwise stated is by donations only as Katy doesn’t like to turn anyone away because they can’t afford it.

For more information, please Visit the ReBalance Yourself Website

ReBalance Yourself – Restoring Balance Within the Mind Heart Body & Soul


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