Video Library

Welcome to our video library, here are all the video interviews that Katy has enjoyed filming over the years, we do hope you enjoy them.

The complete 8 part conversation playlist with Author & Life Coach Gary Karp from New York & GroupOf1 Creator Katy West

See links below to watch individual parts.

All video’s were streamed & recorded Live commencing January 13th 2015

Part 2 – Judgement – Judging ourselves and judging others

Part 3 – A conversation on The Law of Attraction – The Law of Creation – Zero Point – Energy 

Part 4 – A Conversation on Relationships

Part 5 – Sharing practical tips on Loving ourselves and each other unconditionally.

Part 6 – A conversation on Ascension Symptoms, or “What is Happening to Me?”

Part 7 – Love Begins With Me with guests Harold W Becker & John T. Goltz from The Love Foundation

Part 8 – Balance with Jenny Cox – Creator of The Balance Procedure

Katy West talks to ‘Love Begins With Me’ – Part 1 – 6  

25 06 2013 Katy West talks with Ron Van Dyke

30 01 2014 Katy West talks with Ron Van Dyke about Unconditional Love